About us

To help people achieve their full potential and develop their skills, capacities and capabilities through sport and physical activity. We offer an alternative to the usual funding streams through our charitable crowdfunding platform.

We help people and groups maximise the imapct of their fundraising through Gift Aid and by amplifying their reach beyond their immediate crowd through our network of intermediaries.

We invest any surplus from charitable activities back into sort and physical activity via intermediaries, thereby completing the circle.

History and Impact

Podium Partners is a Charitable Incorporated Company registered with the Charity Commission in England under number 1156597 and began offering its fundraising service towards the end of 2015. Initially aimed at helping young talented athletes access funding from the crowd, it soon became apparent that there was a need across a wider spectrum and the objects were changed to encompass all people, not just the young and the clubs and organisations they were part of.

We operate through intermediaries and directly with athletes, clubs and community groups in need of funding and have raised on average £2000 per appeal with some raising £20,000+.


Karel Bretveld

I have been involved in sport and physical activity all my adult life in both a business and personal capacity. Talking with and listening to people involved in sport, it became obvious that there was a need for a simple effective funding solution for athletes, clubs, community groups and those organisations which support them and the idea of Podium Partners was born.

Steve Smith

With an interest in athletics stimulated by the 2012 London Olympics, I’ve decided to help sportsmen and women through Podium Partners. Athletes must train so impossibly hard to succeed, there’s little time left to raise the money required for specialist training, equipment, or even diet. But the starting point is the club and community groups where they first became engaged. So, whichever of the business, marketing or communication skills that I’ve developed over the last thirty years running my own company I can help with – I will.

Gary Phillips

I am a trustee with Podium Partners as I believe we provide an innovative, focused way for communities to support athletes, clubs and other organisations. We must help them to achieve their goals and dreams and be able to look back knowing that no stone was left unturned in their efforts to succeed. I see no reason why anyone interested in sport would not be excited about the opportunities our organisation can afford tomorrow’s champions!

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