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How we work
Wherever possible we try and work with larger organisations who best represent their membership. In England, we work with the County Sport Partnerships and their umbrella organisation the County sports Partnership Network (CSPN). The CSPN and CSPs improve lives by growing grass roots sports and physical activity. Each CSP represents a geographic area.

Our other major partners are the National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) and their umbrella organisation the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA). The SRA represents 320 members.

These organisations can help us get to the people most in need of additional funds: the athletes, clubs and community groups who are trying to make the most out of sport and physical activity. In return for guiding us to worthwhile causes within their regional and national remit, we will distribute any surplus that our charity may make back to the referring partners. In this way, we complete the circle and make sure that the maximum amount possible goes back into sport and physical activity.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a partner please email us via the contact form

There are hundreds of sports and physical activities that could be listed on our site. Currently we have listed only the main and most obvious ones. If your sport is not listed, please drop us a line and we will do our best to feature it. Whatever the sport, everyone gets the same emphasis, whether its tug of war or football. All sports have a page listing which shows basic information about the sports governing body, contact details, website and so on. Displayed under that will be all the campaigns and fundraising pages which feature that sport.

England is divided into 9 groups of about 5 regions each, making 44 in total. They are known as county sports partnerships and their job is to improve the physical and mental health of individuals using the power of sport and physical activity for social good. They do this by working with schools, NGBs, communities, public and private bodies, the NHS and so on to promote sport and physical activity. They have a series of national programmes and initiatives which are delivered at a local regional level. Each CSP has its own page listing (as per sport above) together with all the campaigns and fundraising pages within their region.

Published: 17th February, 2017 Updated: 4th April, 2017 Author: Simon Andrews

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