Examples of past projects

Mini Mermaids in London raised £2000+

Mini Mermaid and Young Tritons UK provide programmes for children aged 7 – 11, to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, gain a different perception of strength and increase participation in movement and activities through thoughtful, volunteer lead programmes. Small groups meet over 12 sessions throughout 6 weeks with a mentor and use discussion, journal work, games and activities to work through a different theme each week. At the end of the programme, the children take part in a 5km challenge where they are encouraged to run, walk, skip, sing their way around. Working and supporting each other. The finish line represents hard work, determination, struggle, optimism, goals set, goals met, opportunity, an unknown path walked confidently. The programme aims to provide a platform to help children discover their own voices, increase self-confidence and self-awareness whilst starting them on a path to a lifelong love of movement. Our mission is to teach every girl to lead a balanced life by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness and learning to love movement . Our mission is also to teach boys the value of identifying their feelings and emotions, placing importance on starting conversations with each other and re defining the concept of strength to show that it is more than just about how physically strong they are. View the video here

Don’t let the SpArC go out raised £20,000+

The funds will be used to sustain the SpArC pool, so that pupils from the South-West Shropshire Learning Trust can meet Key Stage 1 and 2 requirements to swim competently over a distance of at least 25 metres, to use a range of strokes, and to perform self-rescue.

Specifically, we aim for £50,000 in order to carry out a much needed refurbishment to pool changing rooms, to provide an automatic pool cover, and to contribute to the cost of insulating the pool hall.
The SpArC sport and arts centre in Bishops Castle is in danger of closing due to funding cuts – seeing its budget cut to zero by 2017/18. In the short term we seek to raise £50,000 to refurbish the swimming pool & its facilities. This must be done first because it is the area in greatest need of attention, is the most costly part of the facility to run and therefore most vulnerable to closure. In order to guarantee the longer term sustainability of the centre as a whole we need to raise a further £200,000.

We hope this can be achieved during 2016.

Bayston Hill Juniors Football Club raised £3405

We are raising funds for kit and equipment for the players and coaches, and for the costs for running the Club, including coaching, training for managers and coaches. Bayston Hill Juniors Football Club is a local Club that provides football matches, coaching and trading for boys and girls of the village and surrounding area. We have teams ranging from Crèche to Under 15’s, including a girls team. The Club is vibrant and active in assisting other local bodies. Our coaches and managers are required to have recognised FA Coaching qualifications, safeguarding and emergency first aid training. We look to encourage parents to develop into coaches and managers where possible. The Club is affiliated to Shropshire FA, and are members of the Shropshire Junior Football League and Girls League.

Sponsorship and donations are very important to the running of the Club. The money raised will be used to fund future activities including the purchase of kit and equipment, the provision of coaching courses, and to further provide activities for the players.

Yasmine Lindsay: IKSA amateur World Championships raised £600

After scoring a perfect score at my last ISKA competition, I have been offered a place on the England squad, to compete in the Traditional soft forms category at the ISKA Amateur World championships in Germany May 2016. As this is not funded, I need to raise the money myself to make my dream of representing my country come true. Read more After scoring a perfect score at my last ISKA competition, I have been offered a place on the England squad, to compete in the Traditional soft forms category at the ISKA Amateur World championships in Germany May 2016. As this is not funded, I need to raise the money myself to make my dream of representing my country come true. Read more
Thank you all so very much for the very generous donations you have all made. I am delighted that we hit the page target! The money raised from this page will pay for the most expensive part of allowing me to represent my country. This money covers: Return Flight, B&B, Entry to the competition, England Squad kit

Salto Gymnastics Coaching and Competition Fund raised £1387

The club strives to have as many young people from every background and ability taking part in Gymnastics Training and thereby improve their health, wellbeing and self-esteem. We are proud to say we have over 800 children come to the club each week. The funding is vital to SALTO’s long term future sustainability and will be devoted to coach education, mandatory DBS Checks, Child Safeguarding as well as a bursary to assist the deprived parents of elite gymnasts to train and compete through the provision of a bursary fund and of course the ongoing replacement of apparatus due to wear and tear. We thank you for your support.

Amy Platten European Cup raised £1367

This funding is to enable Amy, the current British Champion ( Cadet – 18yrs), to compete at 5 European Cup competitions, representing GB, and 4 training camps associated with the competitions. In 2015 Amy was selected, as part of the England/GB team, to fight in Spain (winning Bronze) and in Romania. These were fully funded but in 2016 they will only be part funded. Amy also travelled, with the England team, to fight in the European Cup in Portugal by self-funding in May 2015. Only by competing abroad and staying for the training camps that take place immediately after, will Amy improve and develop at national level.
In 2016 Amy is aiming to compete in 5 European cup events, plus the Sportif International in Edinburgh, and gain selection for the European Championships in Finland. In addition to competing abroad, Amy will compete in numerous other UK ranking tournaments across the UK.

Kayleigh Jean; Netball World Championships 2016 raised £1328

After helping secure a Silver medal at the Indoor Netball World Cup in 2014, I am working tirelessly with a dedicated bunch of girls and a supportive network to bring home the Gold Medal at this year’s Championship in New Zealand in August. We have four months of intense training to get ourselves ready for the big competition as well as raise the funds to get us to the main event. As Netball is not a professional sport, this tour is completely self -funded by all the participants and any help we can get it much appreciated. I am aiming to raise £4000 which will cover flights, accommodation, and physiotherapy whilst on tour, food and supplements during match days, match kit, competition fees and training costs. It is an athletes dream to compete at an international level, against the best players in the world, wearing the colours of their country with pride, knowing that all the hard work, dedication and sacrifice was worth it. Please help me achieve my dream. The largest chunk of the money raised has come from donations through Podium Partners. Thanks to their support and allowing me to use them as a platform to fundraise, I managed to generate £1328.98. It was a great way to advertise what I was trying to achieve and were incredibly supportive and responsive. However, the money came from you guys, my friends and family. Thank you for following my blogs, thank you for giving so generously and thank you for being my motivation to bring home a gold medal. I am going to NZ to get you the medal!! You are part of the team and if we win, we win together, and you can all enjoy the glory. You are the best and I sincerely appreciate your love and support

John Dickinson-Lilley: Gb Blind Skier raised £1918

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To compete in the World cup in 2016/17 winter season
To complete in the World Championships in 2017
To represent Great Britain at the Winter Paralympics in 2018

– I am a completely self-funded athlete
– My sport costs £50,000 per year including budget travel, accommodation
and coaching
– I work as well as train during the summer to help fund my sport
– I am falling far short of what I need to compete this season
– Without your help my journey to the Paralympics will end this winter

Chipperfield Corinthians under 6 Team Kit raised £430

We are looking to raise sufficient funds for the new Under 6 team to help with kit and equipment. We hope to cover costs towards their playing kit as well as waterproof Jackets Ideally we are are looking for £20 per “sponsor”

Thank you in advance for your help on this matter – it is really appreciated and will make a real difference for these boys and girls to look the part!

Shropshire Handball Aug 2017 training camp raised £6105

We are U16 Shropshire Handball County Team and we have been playing handball for just over 8 months now. We absolutely love the sport! All of us aspire to get bigger and better and when at the training, we mean business! 🙂
Our biggest achievement up to date is that 8 of our players have been selected to represent the West Midlands Regional Academy and 5 have made it to the National Academy. Not too shabby after under a year of training.
We have a massive opportunity to attend a summer camp at the end of August 2017 and this is the reason for our campaign. The sport trip is full of life-enriching adventures and memories that last a lifetime. We will be also participating in matches against more experienced teams and receiving some top coaching.

Carrie Mancini:EVDS Football Academy raised £780

To participate in the elite ladies football squad at The EDSV Academy and to study for a Level 3 Diploma in Sport (Development Coaching & Fitness), from Sept 2016-2018 at Oaklands College, St Albans. My ultimate aim is to become a professional footballer within the FA Women’s Super League in the UK or to achieve a scholarship to play in America.The funds will go towards having a residential place on the college campus and to purchase kit. I am only 16 years of age and my home town is Milton Keynes, which is approx. 50 miles away from St Albans and is too far away to travel each day.
Living on the college campus will allow me to reside in a secure environment away from home as I am only 16. It will allow me to be fully prepared to compete to the best of my ability, whilst working towards an academic qualification.
I am not expecting the world – financially, but any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference and would have a huge impact on my footballing career. Whilst revising for my GCSEs, I have been working in a clothes shop for a few hours at weekends to start off my fund. I would be extremely grateful for any donations in addition to the continual support I receive from my parents, which in turn will help me to achieve my life ambition of becoming a professional footballer within the FA Women’s Super League (WSL) or to achieve a scholarship to play in America.

SOS Dulverton Squash Club raised £3108

The main roof of the squash club was damaged in the storms of November 2016 and began to leak badly. The combination of aging roof tiles and high wind meant that the rood over the two squash courts had to be urgently replaced. The challenge facing the not for profit club that is the only indoor sports building (excluding school halls) on Exmoor was funding.
The club launched its fundraising activities in December 2016. The club raised sufficient funding from:
• The club’s insurer agreed to pay half of the replacement cost of the roof.
• Dulverton Town Council made a generous grant.
• The club members launched a crowdfunding appeal supported by the excellent folk at Podium Partners. Sponsored activities included a litter pick and a sponsored squashathon.
• The club had a small contingency fund that it had put by for such an event.
• Rob Brown, a local builder and former player provided three weeks of free labour to replace the roof.
The good news is that in October 2017 the work to replace the main roof was completed. The squash courts are now dry again and the club has been saved. Furthermore, the insulation of the roof has been improved to reduce heat loss.

Save the Bees raised £7821

The Bracknell Bees are a senior men’s ice hockey team playing out of Bracknell, Berkshire who were formed in 1987. With nearly thirty years colourful history behind them they have competed in several leagues and have won major honours in their time. As a key part of the community in Bracknell and with a large passionate fan base we feel it is vital to secure the clubs future. A new fans committee and senior steering committee are looking to secure the future of the club with a view to taking the Bracknell Bees into the 2016/17 English Premier Ice Hockey League season. In an effort to actively start the process and take the first steps in securing the future of the club we are looking to raise funds to cover the season’s initial start-up costs (such as equipment, leagues bonds etc…)You can also add Gift Aid to your donation
Please help us keep this club, with such a rich history, going for the community and beyond by donating to our cause.The Bracknell Bees Team
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